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by Sunshine
Sun Nov 27, 2011 6:54 pm
Forum: PDQ General Forum
Topic: Window replacement on 1993 36
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Re: Window replacement on 1993 36

Don, I've had good success with 2" Butyl Tape from the Mobile Home Parts Store ( The product code is: 403320, It is black 2" butyl tape 30' long. The link is listed below:
by Sunshine
Wed Jul 20, 2011 7:27 am
Forum: Classifieds
Topic: Need Replacement Yamaha Outboards
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Re: Need Replacement Yamaha Outboards

I purchased two Yamaha 9.9s from Beacon Light Marine ( The price was reasonable and they did a great job with the installation. I was very pleased with their work. You can find out more information regarding repowering from the Outboard Engines section of this forum.
by Sunshine
Fri May 20, 2011 4:13 pm
Forum: Gear / Equipment / Maintenance
Topic: Door knobs for stateroom
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Re: Door knobs for stateroom

Hello Phil, Two years ago, I found the exact door knob in stock at the West Marine in Marathon. If memory serves, the apparatus is made by Perko. Check West Marine part number 256966 (page 559 in the 2011 West Marine Catalog) (Perko number 0928DP0CHR). When you look this up, avert your eyes from the...
by Sunshine
Wed Mar 30, 2011 12:18 pm
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Topic: Haul out locations
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Re: Haul out locations

We stored SUNSHINE in Westland Marine (Titusville) for the summer of 2010 and highly recommend the facility and its workers. SUNSHINE was one of five PDQs on the hard. If you decide to keep your boat there, we have a coupon we can send you that gives new tenants two free weeks if you keep your boat ...
by Sunshine
Mon Dec 27, 2010 7:27 pm
Forum: PDQ Capella (PDQ 36) Forum
Topic: Steering Noise
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Re: Steering Noise

FYI, SUNSHINE {34002) has a deck plate over each rudder post. I don't know if she came from the factory with them or if a PO installed them. The tiller is long since gone. I'd guess that most metal shops should be able to make a tiller.
by Sunshine
Mon Jul 05, 2010 7:57 am
Forum: PDQ Capella (PDQ 36) Forum
Topic: Shoot Thru or Just Thru Thru
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Re: Shoot Thru or Just Thru Thru

Hello Tom, The transducer for our Garmin 545s shoots through the hull. The 545s is also a fish finder. I like it because it shows the contour of the bottom in a split screen with the chart plotter function. The transducer is mounted in the closet in the stateroom of the starboard hull. I epoxied a f...
by Sunshine
Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:04 pm
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Topic: Masthead anchor light.
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Re: Masthead anchor light.

I use the Davis light as well. The anchor light is supposed to be an all around (360 degree) white light. I have been advised that because the Davis light hangs in the rigging, the mast "breaks" the 360 degree requirement. That being said, I've never had a problem with the Coast Guard or law enforce...
by Sunshine
Tue Mar 30, 2010 9:25 am
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Topic: Sam the Hero
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Re: Sam the Hero

Sam, please let me join in the chorus of thankful PDQ owners who have offered their thanks. It must have been a tough crash. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.
by Sunshine
Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:03 am
Forum: PDQ Capella (PDQ 36) Forum
Topic: Door Cassettes
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Re: Door Cassettes

Tom - I hate to tell you this, but I could only find it at West Marine and it was pricy (over $80.00 as I recall). Good Luck.

by Sunshine
Wed Feb 17, 2010 11:14 am
Forum: Outboard Engines
Topic: 2010 Repower with Yamaha 9.9?
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Re: 2010 Repower with Yamaha 9.9?

Greetings Holomoku, We re-powered SUNSHINE (43002) with two manual tilt GEXH 9.9s in October. We needed the remote conversion kit and the 10 pin wiring harness for each engine. The installation was performed by Chris at Beacon Light Marina (upper Chesapeake Bay). We did not need to replace the Morse...
by Sunshine
Tue Sep 08, 2009 8:38 am
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Topic: Rebedding a Portlight
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Re: Rebedding a Portlight

Tom, I've used Boatlife (I forget which compound, but know it's not the polysulfide) with good success. it involves a lot of taping, inside and outside, on the boat and the portlight. The taping really helps with the cleanup. I have the older 34 model and all of the portlights are fixed plexiglass. ...
by Sunshine
Thu Aug 06, 2009 8:36 am
Forum: PDQ Altair (PDQ 32) Forum
Topic: Ground tackle?
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Re: Ground tackle?

Mike and Rebecca - Our exerience (on monohulls) suggests that an all chain rode is best, but, being concerned about weight (on SUNSHINE), we decided on 40' of chain and 250 feet of line with a 33 lb. claw anchor. When anchoring in water over 10', we use a 28lb. kellet and drop it down just enough to...
by Sunshine
Mon Aug 18, 2008 8:35 pm
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Topic: Adler-Barber Cold machine Question
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Re: Adler-Barber Cold machine Question

Roger - Had the same symptons last year (wasn't a cold machine and don't remember what brand it was) As Chet suggested, check to see if the cooling fan goes on shortly after the compressor. In my case, it did not, the problem was the electronic module. The company was out of business and I couldn't ...
by Sunshine
Wed Aug 13, 2008 4:34 pm
Forum: Destinations / Trip Reports / Crew
Topic: Bahamas Bound - It's Almost Time
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Re: Bahamas Bound - It's Almost Time

Hello Phil - We may be crossing thr gulf stream to the Abacos in early/mid December. It would be great to go with another PDQ. I expect to leave NJ in the third week of September. we'll keep in touch.

by Sunshine
Fri Jul 25, 2008 10:26 am
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Topic: PDQ 36 Electric Outboard Project: Upgrade
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Re: PDQ 36 Electric Outboard Project: Upgrade

Hello Maxi - We have hull #2 (34002) with 9.9 HT yamaha's. While they are running fine now, I am thinking about options for when they may need to be replaced. Besides the obvious (replacing them with the new generation yamaha), I'm intrigued by these two companies. I don't know anything about them, ...