Light Bezels

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Light Bezels

Post by John&Ria » Mon Feb 13, 2012 12:42 pm

Hi everyone,

We have just purchased a PDQ 34 (hull #111) and are very pleased to be joining the PDQ community. Many thanks to Beth Simkins and Dick and Carol Tuschick for a very smooth purchase experience.

Over the next few years we plan to cruise the Great Loop and the Bahamas. After that we may ship her to our home port (Vancouver), or who knows what.

The vessel is in excellent shape, with only a few items that require attention. The forum may be able to help with one of them. We will be replacing the current halogen lights with LED's, however in the salon the heat from the halogens has discoloured and mis-shaped the light bezels. I have sourced the internet, West Marine, and my local marine and RV dealers, but so far without success for an exact replacement. The bezel has a 'LITECO' label, however neither the Canadian or US distributor of this name has come through for me.

If worst comes to worst I will paint them to remove the discolouration, but I would much prefer to replace them if I can.

Thanks for any assistance that can be provided!

John Evans & Ria Zapf
'DeSaFinado' (soon to have a new name once we've registered the vessel with Transport Canada)

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