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Hull number

Posted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:40 pm
by warrenthames
new owner,
Can someone enlighten me as to the difference between the hull identification number ( HIN) and the hull number? The documentation form has QPQ00014F191 for the hull identification number and QPQ00015F191 for the hull number. The surveyor says that this is not correct and should be addressed with the USCG documentation people. Is the hull number just the 2 digits ? In this case would it be 14? I have seen this vessel posted here as "Brigadoon," hull number 14. Thank you sincerely for any help. Warren and Diane Thames, Punta Gorda , Florida.

Re: Hull number

Posted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 9:44 am
by Lady of the Lake
Hey Warren,

HIN is Hull Identification Number for legal documentation purposes.

Unless you bought our Lady of the Lake while I was away, you cannot be HIN #QPQ00015H191 since that is my hull number :-) You are in fact HIN QPQ00014F191, also known as hull #14. Here is how I was told the HIN breaks down:

The first 3 characters - QPQ - identifies PDQ as the manufacturer
The next 2 characters - 00 - are the vessel type (32, 32, MV, etc) but was 00 for early PDQ36 since they only had the one model, once they started building 32s they changed the 2 digits to 36 for our vessels
The next 3 characters - 014 - is the sequential hull number
The next 2 characters - I do not remember but may have something to do with month of manufacture, I don't recall
The next 2 digits - 91 - is the year of manufacture

Your HIN should be located in a similar place to mine since we were built in the same year, mine is on a little tag mounted on the exterior starboard hull inboard side near the stern steps under the rub rail. You should copy it and make sure all of your documentation matches. BTW, it should have been located by your surveyor on the vessel and he should be using that number not something he found on coast guard or other documentation.

Although official documentation uses the full HIN, we typically use the 5 digit hull number to describe our vessels, in your case, 36014, or just PDQ36 hull #14.

Re: Hull number

Posted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 4:55 pm
by warrenthames
Thanks Sam. That clears it up. Somewhere, someone made a typo on the hull # section of the documentation. I am currently getting this cleared up with such. The hin on the documentation is correct and the surveyor included a picture of it on the survey. I'm sending that to uscg.