DISCOUNT NEW MTW Biscayne Bay to Dry Tortugas, FL (The Keys)

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DISCOUNT NEW MTW Biscayne Bay to Dry Tortugas, FL (The Keys)

Postby Rick Kilmer » Wed Jul 19, 2006 1:01 pm

Well they did it again... The Doyles have a new Florida Keys crusing guide (just got my copy and I can't put it down.). They are once again offering PDQ'ers a discount.

Based on their popular MTW format, Managing the Waterways: Biscayne Bay, FL to Dry Totugas, FL adds a new Land & Sea Navigation section with 90-plus pages of annotated NOAA charts mated with annotated County land maps.

After the release of MTW:ICW, cruisers commented (including Pam and I), "This and charts are all you need." The Doyles took this as a challenge for the Florida Keys sequel. Why not charts? In fact, why not also include MapQuest-style land maps to naogate shoreside services?

The new guide has complete NOAA chart coverage from Miami to the Dry Tottugas. Annotations visually locate waypoints and routes; marinas, moorings, and anchorages; dive and snorkel sites; dead reckoning lights; and other marine features.

And from Miami to Key West, county land maps pinpoint 256 shorside services in 19 categories including grocery stores, hardware stores, marine stores, full-service banks, coin-operated laundries, and propane. For all crew health needs- including the ship's dog or cat- hospitals, pharmacies, and animal hospitals are also shown.

PDQ owners receive 20% off all purchases by visiting and entering voucher code : 0722POA77026477

Take a good look at the site....The Doyles now offer NOAA chart CD packages. I bought both and couldn't be more pleased.

This probably sounds like I get a "cut", but not so. I just think they have provided a great service and product lne for us cruisers.

Let me know what you think of the guide...or better yet, let the Doyles know.

Rick Kilmer

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