PDQ 2010 Photo Contest

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PDQ 2010 Photo Contest

Postby eepstein » Wed Aug 18, 2010 5:16 pm

Hi Everyone:

I received good feedback on the last newsletter. Most people like the format of Blog summaries and the links to the Blogs for further reading.

I noted that many people really enjoy seeing photos. So to please our meager readership, we have devised a PDQ Photo Contest.

****** 2010 PDQ PHOTO CONTEST ******

There will be three photo categories and each will receive a gift certificate to Amazon.com or similar online service.

Category 1 - Photo of a PDQ. A great photo of your PDQ, or someone else's, with a unique view, special camera lens, from an aircraft, etc. that makes it a better shot than most. Any PDQ or Antaries is qualified.

Category 2 - Photo from a PDQ. A great scene taken while underway on your PDQ. Ideally, a portion of the PDQ would show in the photo, but its not required. Same as the other categories - a unique view, special camera lens, from an aircraft, etc are some of the many ways a photo would stand out. Of course if you capture a photo of a whale leaping onto the boat in front of you, that works too.

Category 3 - Photo of a PDQ project. We are looking for a unique photo from a PDQ project, that hits a DIY cord in all of us. Hopefully with little or no blood. I recall a great photo of a PDQ hanging from a crane while using a forklift to unbend its rudder. Get the idea?

There will be one winner in each category. Of course you shouldn't use anything copyrighted, or where you/your guests, etc didn't take the photo. Photos should be fairly recent, although they do not have to be from 2010. The quality should be fairly good, but iPhone and cell phone photos might stand up to the competition if the subject is awesome.

I can't think of any other rules. The gift certificates aren't going to be anything big, but this should be fun. I asked Spin Sheet in Annapolis if they would publish the photos, and they said yes - if the photos are good. Most of the photos will be put in the next newsletter (in case you did not already come to the conclusion that the purpose of the contest is to drum up photos for our newsletter.)

We will seek to get a group of PDQ owners together to vote on the winners. Perhaps, in October, in Annapolis during one of the boat shows.

Send suggestions for more rules, or less rules, or questions to me at eric@epstein.bz or reply to this post.

Happy sailing,
Eric & Bonnie Epstein
s/v Desert Star, PDQ36, Hull 49
Annapolis, MD

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Re: PDQ 2010 Photo Contest

Postby maxicrom » Mon Aug 23, 2010 8:42 am

Great idea... thanks Eric
Mike & Linda
S/V II the Max

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Re: PDQ 2010 Photo Contest

Postby mikeandrebecca » Mon Aug 23, 2010 7:45 pm

I'll give this some thought and submit something.

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