PDQ36 hull 026 looks forward to returning to Chesapeake Bay

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PDQ36 hull 026 looks forward to returning to Chesapeake Bay

by matthewfisher » Thu Mar 05, 2020 4:09 pm

After an extended time on the hard, hull #26 Soleil II (ex Page 83) will, with a fair amount of luck, return back to the water late this spring. There is a lot of work to be done, with much more once launched. I won't get into all of that now, but will hit some of the highlights over time.

A question that I hope will be fairly easy for someone to answer - what brand/model hatches are used on the sides of the cabin? The lenses are 11.5" x 20.5". I checked in with Lewmar, but they said it isn't one of their products. Didn't look like a Bomar or Vetus, or at least not what I could find. Photo attached. The hinge pins on all four of them have failed, and rather than make new ones I would like to at least try to see if I can get some stock parts.
hatch identification.jpg
Thanks in advance, and please bear with me as I will be asking an endless string of questions.

Matthew Fisher

Marc Gershel
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Re: PDQ36 hull 026 looks forward to returning to Chesapeake Bay

by Marc Gershel » Wed Mar 25, 2020 5:32 pm

Hi Matthew, Is this the boat that was buried in the back of the yard on the South River just past the bridge?
If it is, I am so happy to see it being brought back to life. I am the former owner of hull #21, Here's 2 Life, and kept my boat there while it was being sold.
I wish you well in restoring her, she is a wonderful boat.
The ports you are speaking of are a pain in the ass. The pin that holds the hinge together is held in by the rubber gasket. If I were you I would change to a different brand.

Best of luck, Marc Gershel

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