Bridgedeck clearance? Prospective buyer

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Bridgedeck clearance? Prospective buyer

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I’m looking at the PDQ 36 and love much about it. I’ve been on a 32 and love that design too. Have only been on a 36 but not sailed. I’m curious and even concerned about the low bridge deck clearance on the 36 especially the older hulls ... maybe 8 inches at the cross beam? I know the company raised this space on later hulls and then more for the 32.
How much slamming is there? How much does this affect the ability and comfort to cruise against the wind, say heading east in the Caribbean?


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Re: Bridgedeck clearance? Prospective buyer

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As you probably know, all multihulls slam into oncoming seas, some worse than others
Having sailed a PDQ36 (hull#10) for 18 years I guess I just got used to it :o)
Seriously, it is not a problem although each slam slows the speed through the water by about 2-3 kts.
It does not seem to affect the structural integrity of the hull. After 18 years I could see no cracks in the gelcoat or evidence of cracking on the underside of the hull bridge deck joints. Quartering into the seas helps some. On the positive side, when running with the waves downwind, the boat would actually "surf" on the bridgedeck when cresting the waves for a thrilling boost of temporary speed until plowing into the back of the next wave.
A great boat, I miss it.
Definition of cruising; find the direction of the wind and go toward It!

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