Project report- Spinnaker furler

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Project report- Spinnaker furler

Postby chicagocat » Thu Feb 27, 2014 10:12 am

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OK, so you all know I like to be the first to try something stupid, so here goes.

I saw the top-down spinnaker furlers that have come out in the last few years and was intrigued. I decided that maybe (just maybe), one would work on our boats with a fairly simple arrangement. Essentially, I created a simple harness by clipping single continuous line to each of the D rings that are on the front of each hull. I know that not all 36's have this. But if you have the option with the stainless impact protector on the front of each hull, you should see the D rings about 2 feet above the waterline. Then, I put a Harken block on top of the harness. Then I added the ProFurl Spinex furler and clipped it to the Harken block. The trick is to pull the furling rig over to one side when you fly the kite. This keeps the furled jib/forestay and the spinnaker furler from being to close to each other and impeding furling/unfurling. Anyway, it works perfectly. I've furled and unfurled on actual sailing trips a bunch of times now with no problem. Way, way easier than anything else, including the ATN sock. It's nearly as easy as furling/unfurling the jib.

Anyway, pics will be much more informative than words. So here are a few:
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Re: Project report- Spinnaker furler

Postby doubledutch » Sun Mar 02, 2014 4:45 pm

I have a gennaker that spends too much time stowed in the forepeak. With a furler it might get more useg. Food for thought.

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Re: Project report- Spinnaker furler

Postby thinwater » Mon Aug 06, 2018 11:03 pm

re. Chicago cat: I've known a lot of people that pull the bridles and sheets off every time to save UV damage. I don't think that makes sense and it certainly reduces chute usage.

My bridle was very similar to yours, sans furler. I used a squeezer instead. The PO had mounted a pair of U-bolts near the ends of the front beam. Not optimum, but not worth rerigging.

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