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Postby addzup » Sat Feb 11, 2017 8:16 pm

We are considering the purchase of a PDQ 36. Wondering if anyone can give us an estimate of the cost to repair damage caused by leaking where the baby stay is attached to the bulkhead. We've heard that it is not expensive if caught early but expensive if the damage is more extensive. We would also appreciate any information on what the final selling prices are or if anyone knows how to find that information.

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Re: Baby-stay

Postby Allie-May » Wed Feb 15, 2017 4:11 pm

Like you said, the extent of the damage can dictate price but it'll be cheaper if you can do the work yourself. During a survey the surveyor can check the deck moisture levels; I don't think water damage to the deck is common with a baby stay leak as most people seem to have bulkhead damage. Check the cabin liner where the baby stay connects to the bulkhead for water stains. If you don't see any then you may have to pull back the liner to check the bulkhead. A surveyor probably won't pull back the liner since that action would fall under the "destructive" category.

Do a forum search for "baby stay" and you'll find a lot of info. It appears water intrusion via the baby stay was somewhat common on the early models and was later fixed by PDQ. This link has a pretty good write-up of how to repair the bulkhead if it has been damaged by water.

To my knowledge there is no database of PDQ final selling price. Which PDQ are you looking at purchasing? We recently purchased hull #19 and feel we got a good deal on her. The only moisture issue my surveyor found was around the forward cleats which needed rebedding due to elevated moisture levels.
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