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Post on salon table?

Posted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:27 pm
by warrenthames
Hi, newbie here. Does anyone know what the function of the post on the salon table is on the 1991 pdq 36? Can this model be converted in order to make the drop down salon bed? Thank you.

Re: Post on salon table?

Posted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 2:02 pm
by Ed Ellis
I have a '92 -- it also had the same post over the table. I assume that the post is there to help support the deck. I removed the post on mine, had a couple of big dudes jump up and down on the deck to see if there was any noticeable flexing, but I didn't notice any, so I left it off, but saved it in case at some point I realized I needed it. I've been sailing 19 years without it (including in some VERY heavy weather) to far-away places like Belize / Bahamas / Fl Keys, etc. and never felt like I needed to re-install it.

As for coverting to a bed, the drop-leaf table top on my PDQ was mounted on what was basically a very heavy teak liquor cabinet. Given that cats are so weight sensitive, I removed the cabinet and attached the drop-leaf table top to a couple of marine aluminum table posts that are easily removable. Thus, most of the time, I don't even have a table in that space and it really opens things up.

Fortunately, the overall sq footage of the space, including the seating, is a very good fit for a queen size inflatable mattress. To create a platform for supporting the mattress in the area where the table once lived, I created a frame work using light-weight PVC posts that are then covered it by laying (not attaching) some polycarbonate structured sheets (PCSS) on top of the PVC frame - very lightweight, but plenty strong enough to support the mattress. The top of the platform is even with the top of the built-in seats when the cushions are removed. Thus, I now have an extra queen-size bed that is easily installed / removed and stored away when I need it. It's been fantastic.