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Successful dry beaching for repairs

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2006 11:08 am
Our 42 Antares had the set screw fall out which holds the shaft bearing in place. As a result, the shaft bearing slid out of it's housing, causing that shaft to raddle. I decided to beach the boat for this repair and to inspect the bottom while out of the water.
I called Chris Calver @ PDQ to ask for any beaching tips. He said to his knowledge, the Antares had never been beached but was built to balance on the keels and that they could handle its weight with no problem.
I ran my dinghy to an island with hard packed sand at low tide to check for obsticles and choose my spot. Our tide rises and falls 6' this time of year. The beaching was successul and repair went well. We were actually sitting on dry sand with the tide 2' below the bottom of our keels! I would not hesitate to do it again. I have some boating buddies who are from Maine that tell me that's how they handle all their repairs and bottom painting, etc.

By the way, I made sure that both shaft bearings had 2 set screws instead of the standard one. (one less thing to worry about later)

I have pictures of beaching if anyone would like to see how it does on sand.

Jeff Woodman
KOA KAI (hull 4201)
Charleston, S.C.