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Challenges with Max Props

Posted: Tue Apr 27, 2004 10:34 pm
by Banzai
Since we departed Whidby last August (03) we have taken Banzai Makai more than 2000 miles.. MOSTLY as a motor boat :( so far the biggest problem has been with the MAX PROPS.

On one occassion we had someone replace the prop zincs only to find that the max prop guys in Italy CHANGED the design of the prop and therefore the zinc and that the zincs would not fit prpoerly.. this caused SEVERE SHUTTER on the shaft and SHUT down the engines.. This was difficult to diagnose as we had 2 divers both tell us we had to pull the boat and rework the props...

we called a 3rd diver who claimed he was a maxprop guy.. in less than 30 seconds he told us the zincs did not fit.. removed them and voila all better..

THEN.. just a few weeks ago.. SAME symptom.. this time we had not replaced the zincs.. we had severe shutter in the starboard shaft and had to run the diesel at 50% power.. SLOW GOING ..

got to the marina.. got a diver out.. guess what? in less than 1 minute he used a mitt to clean "scale" from the prop.. lite build up between the blades and BINGO all better

I can assure you that on both occasions I would have been more than happy to throw away my $3000 max props and settled for the plain and simple NON FOLDING FIXED PROP.

Word to the wise.. GET TO KNOW YOUR MAX PROP.. carry DIVE GEAR (I do now) and keep those puppies clean.

The PYI guys were very helpful and gave me a bunch of the new zincs at the show..