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Hi. You were looking for commentary on anchor choice. We have the Spade 140. It's a size bigger than recommended and so perhaps is overkill. It is, however, a beast. We generally set it with both engines in full reverse and it sticks hard in the muddy/sandy bottoms around Rhode Island. After particuliarly windy nights (which I sleep through knowing that full reverse is more force on the rhode than 35-40 knots of wind would generate because I have succesfully reversed in 35 knots - and yes I know I am ignoring wave action) the anchor is set so strongly that we have to motor over the top - take in all the scope then let the boat gradually work the anchor out. In other words, our Quick1400 won't pull it up by itself. As of yet (1.5 seasons) - we have not dragged at all as far as I can tell. We usually anchor out rather than take a mooring. Interestingly enough, I have, however, dragged on a mooring in Block Island when the wind piped up - but never with the anchor. Anyway, I think the spade is a great anchor and could not be happier with it.


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