Strikeshield lightning protection systems

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Strikeshield lightning protection systems

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Following is a message sent to Harvey Griggs from Christian Laferriere of SEYLA Marine. He was hoping to get some feedback from the "field".

Dear Mr. Griggs,

We were wondering if you or any of your customers had any feedback to offer regarding the Strikeshield systems you have installed on your boats. I guess that no news is good news, but we would nevertheless like to hear from you on this if you have had any customers call you on the subject.

We recently were in communications with Richard Woods of Woods design (British Catamaran designer) who has purchased a Strikeshield system after having been hit on a number of occasions and recently in the Chesapeake area he was anchored with a dozen or so others and many of the were hit or sustained damages, the worst one being anchored next to his boat, however, he did not sustain any damage at all and was wondering if the system had prevented a hit or if he did take a lightning strike but it left no traces or damage because of the good ground the Strikeshield offers.

Just thought I would touch base with you on the subject. If you have any information or feedback, we would sure like to hear it.

Best regards,

Christian Laferriere
SEYLA Marine inc. adventurous

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Dr. Ewen Thompson is a research scientist at the Univ. of Florida who specializes in lightening protection research. See link below for an in-depth summary of what is actually known about lightening protection from scientific studies (as opposed to the myths, hunches, and hopes commonly circulated among us boaters).

Hope this helps the discussion. Ed
Ed & Linda Ellis

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