Spray deflector

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Spray deflector

by Gadzooks! » Mon Apr 20, 2009 5:31 pm

I inquired at PDQ (Pearson) regarding a replacement for a broken spray shield for "Gadzooks!" Reply was as follows:
At this time Pearson is not building the 34. Unfortunately, this means we don't have access to parts. I have about 3 other owners wanting those spray rails as well. Since I don't foresee the start of production anytime soon, you may want to look into having them duplicated locally. When and if you replace them, be prepared to have some gel work done. I'm not sure what they used to affix them but it's like cement and doesn't come up easily.

Sorry I don't have better info for you.

Does anyone know the source for this item? Or perhaps templates for DIY construction? Or any other successful approach to this problem?
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Re: Spray deflector

by DickTuschick » Sat May 02, 2009 1:17 pm

Just noticed your posting on the spray rails. I have a set that I purchased from PDQ Canada to have "just in case". We paid $428.00 for the set and you can have them for $400 plus shipping. The company did change the length of the rails a little at some point, yours may not be an exact match to the ones I have but they will be close and will match the hull shape. They used a special two part epoxy glue so the old ones will be a bear to get off. To put the new ones on is also a little complex as you need to clamp them on untill the epoxy sets (1 hour). Last time we had the yard replace a pair they used a special scution handle that is used for moving glass and then jury rigged a clamp off of the suction handle.
If you would like these just let me know and I can UPS them out to you.

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