Pearls from 2012 Owners Rendezvous

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1st mate
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Pearls from 2012 Owners Rendezvous

by jim » Tue Feb 07, 2012 9:17 pm

I'm sure there were some good questions and great answers as well as a few precious pearls shared at the 2012 owners' rendezvous this year. Would Dick, Beth or one of the presenters or participants like to share them with those less fortunate who were there? Jim :)

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Re: Pearls from 2012 Owners Rendezvous

by DickTuschick » Thu Mar 01, 2012 2:40 pm

Hi Jim,
James Power had several suggestions that I will ask him to cover as I hope to have cocktails with him tonight.
I gave a talk on "New technologies" that, based on the questions and comments, was well received. I talked about twenty "new" things that are applicable to out boats. I planned a 30 to 45 minute presentation and it ran over an hour.
Obviously I can't reiterate an hour's worth of information here but none the less here is the list of the items I talked about:
Solar lighting
LED lighting
Trojan Batteries
Reflective tape
Diesel fuel supplement
Bridle chain hook (see other forum posting)
MIFI card
High water alarm
Teflon Paint
Prop Speed
West Marine PCA Gold VS Micron CSC extra
Four blade props
303 Protectant
Marine strip
Beckson vents (see other forum posting)
ROCNA anchor
Marine Vacume cleaner
Cafarmo Fan
303 Protectant
Mc Lube
Gflex Epoxy underwaree cure
LED running lights
Marine Tex
Hol Tite suction hand grip
ABA hose clamps
Glass bucket
In addition to the above Tom Mazure (CATATONIC) offered that he had a source for new bow splash rails (center wrap around piece) and there were several other items mentioned by owners that were there.
If you have any question on any of the above items please fell free to e-mail me directly

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