Flexible shaft couplings

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Flexible shaft couplings

Postby DickTuschick » Thu May 17, 2018 3:18 pm

The factory installed a flexible shaft coupling in all boats with the exception of those fitted with the AquaDrive units. These flexible couplings have both benefits and disadvantages. They absorbe any minor out of alignment issues and make for a much smother ride. On the downside they hide out of alignment issues that, over time, can cause a lot of problems.
Based on personal experience, I would recommend an annual check of these units. You can go on line and get the specs for checking alignment but just as important is just a visual check of the unit as they do deteriorate with use and the bolts do sometimes break from fatigue. (had one break on our boat)
You will need a thin walled 14 MM box wrench if you have the white PYI units, if you have the red units I'm not sure what size tools are required. A standard feeler gage set works fine on both to check the alignment.

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