Turbocharger Adapter PLate

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Turbocharger Adapter PLate

Postby jgonnerman » Sat Jun 16, 2018 1:48 pm

This is an academic interest query which I predict that only James Powers will know the answer. I am in the process of replacing the yanmar stock exhaust elbows with the cast stainless aftermarket elbows which I was informed of by the forum. I have discovered that my boat and likely most others have an adapter which is attached to the turbo studs with hex flat heads screws with the factory studs screwed into the adapter plate causing the elbow to be rotated about 10-15 degrees counter clockwise looking at the turbo outlet.

Curious as to the reason this was done. My local yanmar dealer suggests that the more vertical the elbow is oriented the better however we agree that since it has worked for 15 years and 1200 plus hours that its not a problem. I am just curious. If hose direction to the muffler was the reason why not just use corrugated exhaust hose.

Thank you.
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