Turbocharger Corrosion

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Turbocharger Corrosion

Postby jgonnerman » Sat Jun 23, 2018 2:08 pm

I started with what was to be a simple replacement of my exhaust elbows. One had failed and the other was likely well on its way. Removed the elbows and of course the studs were frozen so at that point called in some pros thinking they might be able to remove the studs. Also discovered some unusual adapter plates which were mentioned in an prior post.

The question here is that the discharge side (exhaust) of the turbos (both engines) are badly corroded. The boat although low hours, 1200, is a 2002 build year. Has anyone else experienced this corrosion on their turbos? The local yanmar dealer questions the off vertical orientation of the exhaust elbow and the short exhaust hose run to the muffler (vetus brand on my boat), Dealers working theory is salt water in muffler causes the corrosion.

Has anyone else experienced this corrosion and what might be done to prevent in the future. I have read another post on the forum of a boat in freshwater that suffered some water intrusion into the engine due to storm effects while at the slip. That does not seem to be my experience but some other cause.

I would appreciate any input. Thank you
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