Front porch shade

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Front porch shade

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I mentioned this to a friend heading for the Bahamas today, realized I should post to this forum. For those of you who like me thought gee that's a very nice front porch too bad there's no shade there, I offer:
IMG_2526 2.jpg
This is a polyester/spandex product made for beach shade, it would not survive high winds but it takes me 10 minutes to raise or store and shades the bow and the front of the salon, can also be used on the sides or back. Dramatically cools the air flowing in the window and makes for a very comfortable shaded front deck.

The one I bought is no longer for sale: ... UTF8&psc=1
But current variants are available and come in many colors. Mine came with sectioned poles and a soft top for each end of the pole. If I suspect moderate winds I tie off the poles to the railing, otherwise the pole is held in place simply by the tension from spandex.

I tie off the corners to the railing (and on mine the back edge of the spray screen) and then push up the poles. Makes the anchorage much more pleasant.
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Re: Front porch shade

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I did something similar, as we move to the forward deck often, to hide from the setting sun. Before returning to the Bahamas next year I'm also going to create something to shade the flybridge in the late afternoon as well.

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