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Forward Beam

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Forward Beam

Posted by Bob Moline on October 26, 1999 at 17:23:51:

PDQ32 #20
My forward beam was replaced the first yesr and has been peeling and blistering
badly since. I have forwarded pictures to the factory but other than a
sympathetic ear from Lynn there has been no response. Does any one else have a
similar problem?? The boat is out of the water and since I am not cruising it is
bugging me greatly!! Any thoughts?
Bob Moline
"R.H.M. Dauntless"

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Re: Forward Beam

Posted by Tom Upton on April 23, 19100 at 21:03:57:
In Reply to: Forward Beam posted by Bob Moline on October 26, 1999 at 17:23:51:

I am having a similar problem on my 32 (#21). Assume it is corrosion, and have
planned to bite the bullet and undertake sand/prime/repaint. Same problem at the
base of the mast

Have you (or anyone else reading this) learned anything else useful about this
problem since the original posting last October?
"Third Wish"

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Re: Forward Beam

Posted by Bob Moline on June 19, 19100 at 19:25:27:
In Reply to: Re: Forward Beam posted by Tom Upton on April 23, 19100 at

Hi Tom,
Sorry for the long delay in answering. I finally removed my beam and had it
repainted. Not really what I had hoped to do but the acual project of removing
the beam was not too bad but very much a worry situation for me. I too have
paint blistering and peeling around the base of the mast and at the halyard
exits in the side of the mast. Also the forward beam mounts will have to be done
next year since I got the beam back in place shortly before launch time. What
products did you use to prime etc. I believe the problem is electrolysis due to
the stainless halyard exits on the mast and some dissimilar metal in the mast
step on deck. The forward beam I believe was a different matter and I do not
want to discuss it in a public forum. If you email me with questions I will
answer. I will be going cruising for the summer in a week or so, as soon as I
can get the boat ship-shape to go

Best regards for a good season. I sailed our boat for the first time this season
last Saturday .

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Re: Forward Beam

Post by Huggi21 »

Hi Bob, I am trying to get info on corrosion in the crossbeam , mast and boom, how did you get on .

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Re: Forward Beam

Post by thinwater »

IMHO, the best answer is NEVER to paint spars. I've had both, and paint causes concentrated corrosion. Anodizing is MUCH better.

When I had a painted spar, I determined that frequent touch-up (sand and prime area) was far more logical than big projects. Think function, not appearance.
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