Spinnaker halyard

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Spinnaker halyard

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Spinnaker halyard

Posted by John Frankovich on September 09, 2002 at 18:09:00:

Cataria, PDQ36079, was one of the first to have a Selden mast. We have found
that the spinnaker halyard frequently fouls on the top end of the jib furling
gear when we are on a tack such that spinnaker is on the opposite side of the
boat from the lead of the halyard over this gear. There is no problem when the
lead to the halyard block is on the same side as the spinnaker

We have to be very careful to put the spinnaker on the same side as the lead
before raising or lowering it. If the jib had a shorter luff the halyard lead
would just ride on the headstay and presumably be OK. We're considering putting
the halyard outside of the mast

Does anyone else have this problem? Are there other solutions short of making a
longer halyard crane???

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Re: Spinnaker halyard Dan Hofmann 04:07:54 09/11/02 (0)

Re: Spinnaker halyard

Posted by Dan Hofmann on September 11, 2002 at 04:07:00:
In Reply to: Spinnaker halyard posted by John Frankovich on September 09, 2002
at 18:09:00:

I don't think I have the same mast but, the spinnaker halyard should be on a
seperate flange that has a block outside the mast. I have a short steal cable
that allows mine to float the block out away from the furlering gear. Of course
I never pull my genniker up tight against the block either

Good luck, hope this helps

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