My Two-Cents

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My Two-Cents

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My Two-Cents

Posted by Chet White on April 29, 2003 at 18:32:00:
In Reply to: Diesel compared to outboards posted by Denny DeRanek on April 21,
2003 at 09:31:00:

Hi Denny,
I believe the 36 was designed for outboards so diesel weight and drag does
compromise sailing ( & motoring) performance. Also easier to remove fouled crab
pots and service the engines

On the other hand the reliability, electrical generation, and safer fuel of the
diesel are enviable qualities

I personally love the outboards for my type of cruising ( 3 months in the
Bahamas ) and Florida coastal cruising. For power generation I use two 120W
solar panels and a Honda EU2000i portable generator

Your call;
Good luck and look forward to seeing you on the water or at a PDQ Owners Assoc

Allezcat 36010

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