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Thank You

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Thank You

Posted by Rick and Pam Kilmer on October 14, 2003 at 05:00:00:

Pam and I wish to thank you all for the opportunity to work for you as Commodore
and Vice Commodore during the next year. We are excited about all the
possibilities that the POA family could develop and experience. Our special
thanks go out to Colin and Ruth Swithenbank and Lee and Dottie Henderson

Without their tireless help POA would not be the organization that it is today

Great diner Colin! Thanks too to all those who have pitched in over the years

Pam and I spent our six-hour drive home from Annapolis in a marathon “brain
storming” session. While we have come up with some ideas, we ask that anyone and
everyone with a thought, idea, suggestion or complaint PLEASE let us know. Our
e-mail addresses are or We do want
to hear from you all, and we also need to get any changes to addresses, e-mail
addresses, phone numbers, etc

We are PDQ owners not only because of the quality of the PDQ yachts, but also
because of the close family made up of the PDQ factory folks and the PDQ owners

We hope to extend the family and keep it an enjoyable relationship for all who

Let us hear from you

Rick and Pam Kilmer

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