heaving to vs. sea anchor

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heaving to vs. sea anchor

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I'm sailing down to Cancun in several months, and thinking of short-handed storm tactics. I've made this trip (about 4-5 days) twice in the past with my monohull ketch. If the weather got nasty, heaving-to was my preferred choice.
I have not yet needed to try heaving-to with the PDQ in high winds, but understand, it doesn't do as well (or any cat, for that matter).
Since it will be just my wife and I, my choices are using a sea anchor or heaving to. - No, when your tired, seasick, and worried, running before the storm for a long period of time is not an option for me.
I have never used a sea anchor, but believe both deploying and retrieving could be a lot of work for one. I was thinking of having an anchor sail to use to assist with heaving-to. It's the one that's backwards. Use the main halyard to secure the head, a line attached to the boom for the tack, and the clew, being the furthest aft point, a line to a cleat to give a slight twist in the desired direction.

Has anyone used this method?

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Re: heaving to vs. sea anchor

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A. Why not experiment? You have the boat.

B. The PDQ does not have the stability for that to be safe in severe weather. That is mono-hull thinking. Cat sailors don't get broadside to waves; it's uncomfortable, not good for the boat, and not always safe.

C. The PDQ 32 is balanced all wrong (keel). A riding sail won't help. Have you tried heaving-to? Please look at the keel location.

I would consider a Seabrake or equivalent. But much depends on which way you are headed.
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Re: heaving to vs. sea anchor

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Look in the classified section. A sea anchor was just posted at a good price.

I'm personally considering the sailrite drogue kit.

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