There's a lot to like about PDQ's, but....

PDQ issues applicable across all PDQ Yachts (or if you can't find a place for something, it probably belongs here for now)
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There's a lot to like about PDQ's, but....

Postby Pete Weis » Sat Apr 25, 2015 8:46 am

maybe one of the biggest things is the "close knit family" of PDQ owners as someone's post mentioned.

This forum is invaluable for all the information and support it provides. It's clear that PDQ owners take a lot of pride in their boats and maintain them to a level you just don't usually see among the vast majority of boat owners.

We've considered bigger cats and were scheduled to have a new sailing cat built for us, when health issues (now thankfully resolved) nixed that. But a bigger cat doesn't make much sense, when you consider the added costs of purchase, haulouts, maintenance, etc. Dreams are often bigger than wallets - that's what boat shows can do to you.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who contributes to this forum. It really brings a dose of reality to boat ownership with the trials and tribulations of maintaining the outboards, dealing with wear and tear, overloading issues, etc. We had experience with some of these things with our IP 40, but every boat (especially with a different type of boat such as a cat) has it's own unique set of issues. It's a learning experience and it's great to have a resource like this!

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