Analysis & Comparison of Multihulls

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Analysis & Comparison of Multihulls

Postby Pete Weis » Tue Mar 01, 2016 12:00 pm

For anyone who might be interested and doesn't know about this site, here's a link. It's called Multihull Dynamics and compares multihulls regarding performance and stability. Good info regarding what factors effect performance, which are not new to knowledgeable folks on this site. But there is some pretty good detail to all the factors which effect performance and stability.

It discusses some of the rating numbers related to performance (Bruce number, base speed number, KSP number, and Texel number) and stability (SSpd and KSI). There's a great technical paper which explains the details.

You can compare cats head to head. I did a comparison of a Leopard 38 vs PDQ 36 Capella. The Leopard does decently for a heavy cruising cat and the PDQ compares favorably and actually does better with stability numbers due to less sail area. You could increase the performance of the PDQ by adding more sail since its much lighter and has narrower hulls, while the Leopard is more accepting of more added weight in stores and gear.

You can get a user name and password for this site if interested. The one annoying thing about it is that when you want to compare cats, you must do a security check by identifying two words in a box each and every time you want to compare two different cats. Not sure the reason for this. Anyway, lot's of good info on this site.

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