Repower with 4JH110 Engines

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Repower with 4JH110 Engines

Postby Catrina » Wed Oct 26, 2016 12:43 pm

Due to issues with the rebuild (I could write a novel on this) of my existing 4JH3-HTE 100 HP engines, I ended up repowering with the new Yanmar Common Rail Engines - 4JH110 models (110 HP). We spent extra on labor to have the old engines removed and new ones installed without needing to cut any holes in the boat or fiberglass work. Only inches to spare but the 110s do fit thru the various openings.

If anyone would like more information on the process you are welcome to send me a private message.

Currently have 60 hours on the engines. They run very well, but new technology of the high fuel compression causes return line fuel to be very hot. approx.: 130 degrees. Fuel cooler will probably be best solution. Current short term fix was to not let tank get below 1/3 fuel. Engines will automatically slow way down if intake fuel is too hot.

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