Ughhhh. %*#* carb again.

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Ughhhh. %*#* carb again.

Postby amytom » Fri Dec 27, 2013 7:46 pm

Carb issues again. Rebuilt one of the spares laying around but had an issue with the accelerator pump on the bottom leaking. Finally found another that isn't leaking. Looked up a new part (6g8-14368-02-00) and seems they run about $40.
Has anyone found a cheaper source?

Also, once you've built up a carb and tested it; how do you store it so it will be ready? Vacuum sealed in a bag after draining?

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Re: Ughhhh. %*#* carb again.

Postby thinwater » Sat Dec 28, 2013 12:03 pm

No, that seems about right.

Yup, but only a regular zip-lock. Always worked out (I had 2 spares are the time).


Try Biobor EB. Really eliminates alumnium corrosion, which seems to be the source of may of the jet-blocking particles.

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