Yamaha 9.9 - It's ALIVE.....

Post here for issues with outboard engines (i.e Yamaha 9.9) on PDQ yachts
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Yamaha 9.9 - It's ALIVE.....

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Yamaha 9.9 - It's ALIVE.....

Posted by Roger Ford on July 24, 2003 at 04:34:00:
In Reply to: Yamaha CDI Unit failures posted by Roger Ford - Kokomo on July 15,
2003 at 04:46:00:

Just a quick thanks for the help and comments. At Dan Hoffman's suggestion, I
purchased both the stator ($240) and the CDI unit ($168) from boatune.com
The hardest part is removing the flywheel, but an inexpensive ($16) automotive
"harmonic balancer puller" worked fine (but it takes a lot of strength to break
her loose)

Standing on my head, I was able to remove and replace both components on the
port engine while in the engine well. As mentioned, be careful of the woodruff
key in the flywheel (I think I'll have a spare on hand)

Put it back together and it started right up !!!
Now I'll try to determine which component was the culprit - stay tuned

s/v Kokomo

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