Replacement fuel tank

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Replacement fuel tank

Postby maxicrom » Sun Jul 08, 2012 2:30 pm

Looks like our fuel tank has seen it's better days - waiting the on the final quote from the fabrication shop. Estimate is about $1000 ($750 labor and about $250 in materials). The upper tanks is in good condition but the bottom panel is pitted, there were a couple of non-certified shops that said they might be able to "skin" the bottom - but after talking witht he welder at Atlantic Spar and Rigging in Annapolis I think the best bet is to have a new tank made. Moisture can collect under the tank in the cockpit pan and I'm pretty sure that was the culprit - and we were actually lucky to catch it when it was just starting to weep rather than have it let go under way. Our 36' was build in 91' and was used for diesel - apparently 20 years for an aluminum tank is pretty good (in an outside damp area).

We looked around the area at other shops and for the little we could save, Atlantic is experienced with marine tanks and it seemed like the best way to go.

Thought I would share, since the 5" tall "L" shaped tank is not something anyone is going have at a parts house...

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Mike & Linda
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