Discussion on how to equip your boat for European waters
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Much of the time we will be docked either stern-to or bow-to. Depending on the height of the wall – getting on and off the boat could at times be challenging. The best way to get around this type of “European mooring” is with the use of a passarelle, or gangway.

Carol Tuschick has located a company called Deck to Dock that builds custom boat ramps. Carolyn Mahoney, president of the company, has already taken measurements of both the PDQ 34 and PDQ 41 for ramp length and hardware needs. She is also offering a $200 discount available until April 15, 2007 on your purchase. If you are interested in using this service, contact us and we’ll mail you the coupon.

This is the best and safest alternative. Deck to Dock is making custom hangers so that we can store the passarelles. They recommend an 8’ unit and two sets of mounting hardware (bow and stern). It will take about one hour to mount the supplied hardware to your boat.

Carolyn Mahoney can be reached at 561 394 6996 x 330. For information on the product, link to

Another option to a walk-way is to purchase an aluminum extension ladder, use an 8-foot section and secure plywood on one side. You’ll probably need some rubber bumpers on either end to protect the deck and prevent it from sliding off the dock.
This may be an adequate solution though there may be some “load-bearing” issues. adventurous
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