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Discussion on how to equip your boat for European waters
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Useful Links

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Sno’ Dog Log: or ... e-Pg1.html
(Excellent site about Henry and Nancy’s adventures about their PDQ 34 Sno’Dog, as well as information about barging in the Netherlands and route planning for our trip through the Netherlands)

Kissen – The Baltic Cruise: (Useful first-hand information on routes, staying connected, marinas, etc. written by a couple aboard their sailboat)

Liberty Sails: also link to (While not specifically dealing with the Baltic, this couple writes about their experience cruising in Europe)

Deck to Dock Inc.: (Where to buy custom passarelles for your PDQ)

EuroCanals: (Useful information about cruising your boat in Europe – while not areas of the Baltic are covered, there is information on the Netherlands and Germany) adventurous
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