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Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2007 9:39 am
by salwa
Dan Dickerson from Weems & Plath has compiled a very informative binder that includes available charts, cruising guides, navigation chips (by various companies), “LIGHTrules” and “ROADrules” navigational aids (European canal system, Baltic and Europe in general), and a Tide Chart Book Set. This package is available from Weems and Plath at a special discounted price.


C-Map – Northern Europe navigation chips:
By joining Club C-Map (I spoke to them and they are willing to give us this discount without paying the $89 membership fee), you can re-sell your cards or possibly buy used ones.
C-card Club members can also “rent” cards. You will have to return the card before 90 days to get a 25% discount, between 30 to 60 days to get a 50% discount -

Navionics –

1. Europe-Baltic Sea covers Finland and eastern coast of Sweden
2. Skagerrak, Kattegat and the Faeroe Islands covers west coast of Sweden to the Netherlands. ... tinentID=4

Naveonics chips for the Seas Traveled

Posted: Fri May 04, 2007 5:45 pm
by simkins
We need charts for:


If you want Platinum (retail $399 ea):
Chart code: 25P – UK South-Hamburg (Link: Platinum: Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany)
If you want Gold (available now in new huge XL9 sizes for retail $269 ea)
Chart code: 28XG – UK & Ireland (Link: Gold: Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany)

To cover all of the German coast: 15P – Oslo-Denmark (Link: Platinum: Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany)
The above 25P will cover the northwest portion of Germany if they don’t need the whole coast
25XG – Sweden South-Germany (Link: Gold: Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany)

14P – Finland (Link: Platinum: Baltic Sea)
24XG – Baltic Sea - Gulf of Bothnia (Link: Gold: Baltic Sea)

13P – Sweden East Coast (Link: Platinum: Baltic Sea)
17P – Sweden South (Link: Platinum: Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany)
24XG – Baltic Sea - Gulf of Bothnia (Link: Gold: Baltic Sea) (This covers all but the southwestern coast of Sweden)
22XG – Norway South – Sweden West (Link: Gold: Norway) (This covers the rest of Sweden)

15P – Oslo-Denmark (Link: Platinum: Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany)
25XG – Sweden South-Germany (Link: Gold: Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany

11P – Norway North-West (Link: Platinum: Norway)
12P – Norway South-West (Link: Platinum: Norway)
22XG – Norway South – Sweden West (Link: Gold: Norway)
29XG – Norway North (Link: Gold: Norway)

You will notice that the Countries overlap the charts. If your interested in any of these or have questions please feel free to contact me.


Posted: Sun May 06, 2007 10:48 am
by Sno' Dog
For our Raymarine E-80's, it looks to me as though we could get away with just three Navionics charts: 1) 25 XG "Sweden South - Germany"; 2) 14 G "Finland"; and 3) 25 G "UK South - Hamburg.

The first is available from Fugawi for $268.95 ... cs_row.htm

The second two are listed on the TidesEnd web site for $239/ea. ... type=E-NAV

These are Gold, not Platinum, charts - but I've found them to be entirely adequate. You could upgrade (at least the last two) to Platinum for about $120/ea if you wish.

Sno' Dog

Navionics update

Posted: Tue May 08, 2007 12:00 pm
by Sno' Dog
Turns out the info on TidesEnds website was a bit dated, and David's info in his post above was correct.

Navionics has discontinued the XL3 size in their Gold series and replaced them with new XL9 charts. (The platinum charts are still available in the XL3 size, but these cost quite a bit more than the Gold XL9's, so it's still cheaper to buy the bigger charts even though we don't need all that coverage.)

In light of the above, I have now ordered the following three charts:

CF/24 XG - Baltic Sea - Gulf of Bothnia
CF/25 XG - Sweden South - Germany
CF/28 XG - UK & Ireland incl Belgium & Netherlands

I ordered these from Bellingham Chart Printers aka TidesEnd:
at a cost of $239 per chart - shipping included. They say 1-wk delivery.

Henry - Sno' Dog

Charts for the Netherlands

Posted: Wed May 09, 2007 8:48 pm
by Sno' Dog
So, now that we've got electronic charts (see above) and cheap paper charts (we've ordered the 2/3 sized grayscale reproductions from Bellingham Chart Printers), about the only thing left are charts of the Netherlands.

Since we plan to enter Holland at Delfzijl and cruise inland waters all the way to Ijmuiden, all we'll really need are the Dutch waterway charts. And since canal cruising is generally pretty straightforward, it may not be necessary for every member of the group to have every chart.

Most of our charts go back to our earlier cruising days in Holland (and that's what we're using for planning purposes). These charts are the "ANWB Waterkaart" series. (ANWB stands for "Algemene Nederlandsche Wielrijders Bond" or Dutch Automobile Assoc.) Specifically, the charts needed are: A - Groningen & Drenthe; B - Friesland; C - Noordwest Overijssel; E - Randmeren/Flevoland; I - Vechtplassen; and H - Hollandse Plassen.

These charts are generally available at most marinas and book stores in Holland. They can also be purchased online from Warsash Nautical Books in the UK for about £11/ea on their web site:

Feel free to call or e-mail me if you have any questions,

Henry - Sno' Dog
(603) 643-2181

Posted: Fri May 11, 2007 11:28 am
by salwa
Here is some more useful information from Vivan Godrey at Bluewater Books & Charts:

Dear Baltic Cruise participants,

I have been contacted by at least two members of your group requesting that we offer suggestions for nautical books, charts and other miscellaneous items for your planned cruise from Rauma, Finland to Ijmuiden, Netherlands.

Some members of the group may be familiar with our 2 stores, one here in Ft Lauderdale called Bluewater Books and Charts and the other in Newport, RI called the Armchair Sailor.

I am presently compiling a list of suggested items including a number of books and charts published in Europe that we do not normally offer. I have samples of these arriving here in Ft Lauderdale, FL early next week. In this group are 2 books written in German. I would like to know if possible if there are any German speakers in the group?

In addition if any members of the group require electronic charts we can certainly provide those but will need to work with each participant to determine your individual needs.

Please look for my next email with a list of items attached.

I understand that we have a bit of a tight deadline to work with but do not panic, we can have everything you need in time.

One last question/suggestion. Perhaps the group might like to make a group purchase of one or two copies of certain items? Many of the chart folios and books are quite expensive so this would keep the cost down.

Kind regards, Vivien

Vivien P. Godfrey
Bluewater Books & Charts
Armchair Sailor Books & Charts
1811 Cordova Road 543, Thames Street
Fort Lauderdale Newport
FL 33316 USA RI 02840 USA
1-954-763-6533 x 245 1-954-522-2278
fax 1-401-847-4252 1-401-847-1219

Navionics Update #2

Posted: Fri May 11, 2007 6:15 pm
by Sno' Dog
I'm happy to report that those three Navionics chart/chips we ordered (see my post above) arrived an impressive 3 days after the order was placed - from .

To reiterate, these chart/cartridges (for Raymarine E-80/E120) are:

CF/24 XG - Baltic Sea - Gulf of Bothnia
CF/25 XG - Sweden South - Germany
CF/28 XG - UK & Ireland incl Belgium & Netherlands

Having now reviewed them, I'm even happier to report that these three charts offer excellent coverage of our entire route from Rauma to Ijmuiden. This includes all the harbors, in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Holland we're likely to visit plus the entire Göta Canal, the inland waterways of Holland and the Elbe River up to Hamburg.

Assuming our Raymarine chartplotter does its thing, we could theoretically do the whole trip with just these charts - but clearly, that would not be considered prudent navigation! :)

Henry - Sno' Dog


Posted: Sat May 19, 2007 5:41 am
by Watermelon
For those of you who would like the sailing directions for the many charts, you can download them for free from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency web site.
then click on publications,
then "Menu Options" at top of page, select "Sailing Directions enroute"
and on the next page that comes up, Publications 192, 193, 194, and 195

Each of these is several hundred pages long in PDF format, bundled into a .zip file. It unzips into an executable file that installs the publication on your hard drive in its own directory.

I have downloaded them all, plus updates, so we can share the information as we go along.

Re: Pilots

Posted: Sat May 19, 2007 12:58 pm
by Sno' Dog
Thank you Jeanne and/or Peter,

Very helpful post... I was curious about these publications, it's great to be able to see them without commiting to purchase. Now, we may not have to buy them at all!

Thanks again,
Henry - Sno' Dog

Posted: Sun May 27, 2007 7:45 am
by Watermelon
I had hoped to be able to print out the relevant pages before now, but too much got in the way. Before we fly to Finland, though, I hope to print out those pilot pages that we would most likely use.

I have a printer on the boat, so any extra pages can be printed and shared while we are cruising. It's a small, relatively slow printer, though, so it isn't practical to print large quantities.

Anybody who is interested in seeing pages for certain ports, feel free to speak up. The more thought others give to this, the less I have to think about. :D


Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2007 9:34 am
by Watermelon
The European Code for Inland Waterways. A bit more elaborate than US rules, it seems. Since we didn't bring our boat down from Canada, as many of you did, I don't know how familiar the participants are in negotiating the canals and locks of Europe. I know nothing, so I'm working at obtaining the references I think will help us.

The above link is to the Practical Boatowner CEVNI guide, which provides downloadable color guides to the signs and marks you need, and also a short tutorial. I will print and laminate the "cheat" cards for our boat. If you want them, but cannot download and print them, let me know and I'll make extra copies for you.

More as I find it.