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Airline Tickets & Intineraries

Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2007 2:38 pm
by Sno' Dog
I've been looking into possible flights. I've found that right now, it's possible to buy an "open leg" round-trip ticket from Boston (BOS) to Helsinki (HEL) - with a departure on June 12 - and a return from Amsterdam (AMS) non-stop to Boston - on Sept 12 - for a mere $1085 incl taxes. That's on KLM.

I also looked at a similar trip - this might be for my wife and/or friends joining us in Stockholm - this time, with a departure date of July 3 (and the same return date as above) - and found the cheapest fare was from Icelandair, which of course involves a stop in Reykjavik. But the price is right: $928 incl taxes - booked directly on their website.

I'm wondering if it's too soon to start booking tickets? Anyone else taking the plunge? The problem is, of course, these "cheap" tickets are non-refundable.

Anyone know of other good deals? (I'd be happy to supply the details of the above flights, if anyone's interested.) I did find that selecting different departure and return dates makes a big difference in price. These are about the cheapest I could find within our time frame. -- Incidentally, what is our time frame???

Henry - Sno' Dog

Traveling to Europe

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2007 5:25 pm
by simkins
Icelandic Air is certainly your best deal. Beware of the "Midnight" walk from plane to plane.

Depending on what your looking to do there are good rates on the AA day flight to London which puts you on the ground in time to sleep in a real bed. Spend a day or two in London and then hop on, RyanAir or one of several other EU based airlines for about $50.

The open JAW is a great idea for heading back to the states and takes the pressure off getting somewhere for a very small premium.

For those looking to fly in style MaxJet flies an all business class flight from JFK to London at a couple of hundred dollars more, About $1400 RT.

Airline Tickets & Intineraries

Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2007 6:29 am
by Sno' Dog
We have now taken the plunge and booked tickets to Finland. I'm arriving in "HEL" on June 16 and will be joined by friends in Helsinki.

Nancy's coming to Stockholm on July 4 and hopefully meeting us - she may have to travel north (or east) a bit to make the rendezvous.

We're both flying home from from Amsterdam on Sept 1. (Our tickets are on KLM from/to Boston.)

I have posted a revised un-official Itinery of the trip on Sno Dog Log on the Baltic Page: ... e-Pg1.html

Hope it all works out!

Henry - Sno' Dog

Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2007 6:48 am
by salwa
We spoke to Jan at Sevenstar yesterday and he thinks he'll have the logistics worked out at the end of the week for departure and arrival dates. He's going to send us a certificate of insurance stating coverage while in transit. I will then forward this to Ann at Marsh who will contact everyone regarding coverage while in Europe.