Assym Spinnaker wanted

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Assym Spinnaker wanted

Post by amytom » Sat Nov 08, 2014 11:17 pm

Anyone have an old worn out assym spinnaker laying around they want to sell cheap? Even with tears in it (I could patch them up).

I'm wanting to try out an assym and see if it's worth putting the money into a nice one.



PS I have the tall rig mast so either the tall or standard size could be made to work.

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Re: Assym Spinnaker wanted

Post by thinwater » Wed Nov 19, 2014 9:12 am

It is.

Be aware there are really 2 groups of A sails; those for reaching, and those for going deep. Mine is the later.
* Chutes for going deep have full heads and resemble symmetric chutes. In fact, a symmetric would work, though only if it were nearly free. The advantage is that they rotate to windward and allow apparent wind to be ~ 20-40 degrees behind the beam. Typically these are tacked to bridles, allowing the tack to move to windward, which works better than a sprit for these chutes. Note that monohulls do not have the bridle option and thus use a sprit on both types.
* Reaching chutes are much flatter, very asymmetric, and like the wind 0-40 degrees forward of the beam. They offer greater top speed (on a reach) and are well suited to fast boats (I had these on my Stiletto and beach cat). Generally these are rigged on sprits, to keep the huge slot open.

The better choice depends on the sailing area. Lots of windward/leeward, stronger winds, or an over-loaded boat? Go for a running chute. Lots of reaching, a light boat, or a need for speed? Go for a reaching chute; you will need a sprit, but that's not a big deal. Reaching chutes are easier to fly in light wind, since reaching generates more apparent wind... and for the same reason they are not very useful when it's blowing hard.

Just remember that running chutes don't reach, and reaching chutes require jibing down wind. And if over-powered, do NOT luff up; go dead down wind, stall the chute, and take it down!
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